Use of the medicine.
Mentax (butenafine) is a prescription antifungal medicine used for the treatment of patients with fungal infections. It's a topical medicine that works by preventing the spread of the fungus in the body that way helping the patient gain control over the situation. Mentax is often recommended for the treatment of jock itch, ring worm and athlete's foot, although there may be other infections for which your doctor thinks it may be efficient. You should not be using this drug if you think it will work for you but there is no conformation by your health care provider. This drug will not work for infections that have been caused by a virus or bacteria, as it designed for fungal infections only.

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Talking to your health care provider

You will always make sure you start the treatment after you talk to your doctor about it. You will also need to make sure you take this medicine for the entire period prescribed. There is a chance your symptoms may get better after a few days of using Mentax, but you will still need to carry on with the treatment nevertheless.

Pregnancy and your treatment

There is nor enough information on the effects Mentax may have on your unborn baby if you take it during pregnancy, or your nursing infant if you take it while breastfeeding. This is why you will always need to talk to your doctor before starting the treatment to see if your pregnancy will be a contraindication for applying Butenafine, or you will be able to do it under the supervision of your health care provider. You will have to tell your doctor about the breastfeeding, because there is not enough information on the effects it may have on unborn children. Make sure you discuss any other aspects you have and you think may in some way interfere with the success of your treatment.

Starting the treatment

You will always need to be using this drug exactly as directed by your doctor. If you are not sure you understand those instructions, you will be able to call your doctor or read this information when you come home. It's very important that you do everything according to the instruction, as otherwise you may not benefit from using Mentax as much as you think you could.

Application of the medicine

When applying the medicine to the area of the skin affected, make sure you wear clothes that allows for sufficient air circulation over that area. Try to avoid bandages and choose loose fitting clothing made of natural material instead (such as cotton). When applying this drug, make sure you do not get any of it in your nose or mouth. The cream should usually be applied once a day for a specified period recommended by your doctor. The area of application should be clean and dry. You need to tell your doctor if the infection does not clear up after 4 weeks or regular applications or looks worse to you compared to the way it looked like before. Make sure you wash your hands after each application and do not touch your eyes or mouth before you do.

Missing a dose

If you happened to miss your dose and remembered about it only when the next one is supposed to be used, you can skip that dose. You can still apply Butenafine if you remembered soon enough on the same day. Don’t oversaturate to compensate for the dose you missed, as this is not going to make your treatment more efficient and can only cause skin reactions.

Drug interactions

This medicine may interact with other topical remedies you may be using. Make sure you avoid any other topical remedies besides this one, because some of them can affect the way Mentax is absorbed in the body, which will affect your treatment in a negative way. You will need to report any other ones to your health care provider before you start the treatment. Your doctor will need to know the names of all the other drugs you are using. If you are not sure about the name of you medicine, you need to find that information out by talking to your doctor, pharmacist or reading the label of your medicine if available. It's very important to think about potential interactions in advance to make sure no other medicine will prevent correct absorption of Butenafine and the effects the patient expects.

If an overdose occurs

The effects of overdose are not known because the patient is unlikely to develop any symptoms after using too much of this medicine. You should not be applying more of this medicine than recommended by your doctor, because this is not likely to be more beneficial for you. You will always need to let your doctor know if you think your treatment is not working for you without doing anything yourself.

Storing your medicine

You will need to store the cream in some place dry and cool. Make sure you do not let other people use your medicine and do not share with them. There many patients who may not be able to use this treatment, which is why a doctor must always be contacted before anyone can start the treatment to make sure they are also going to benefit from it just as expected,.